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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 2 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Old Forces 6th, 1502 T.A.
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Time in Shattered Kingdoms

As with any realm, Shattered Kingdoms measures the passing of time. From the farmers who use the simple measure of seasons, to the scholars and mages who have managed to not only divide a day into parts called hours, but also divine the exact hour at any given moment! Within the game, typing the time command will provide the time as your character was taught to discern it.

Time, as it relates to 'Real Life'

For every one week in this world, a year passes in Shattered Kingdoms. Fortunately, to make things a bit easier to calculate, there is a form below where you can provide a time and find out what the equivalent epoch would be in the realms of Pyrathia.

MUD server time is June 24, 2017 00:12:00
MUD Game time is 2 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Old Forces 6th, 1502 T.A.

Calculating In-game Time

To assist when planning roleplay events, the fields below can be used to enter a 24-hour time - including date - and present the exact In-game time for that moment. The data should be accurate to within seconds of the MUD itself, allowing for some clock drift.

Note that the datum used is the current system time on the MUD server - at present you will have to do your own calculations if you live in a different timezone (you can expect timezone adjustments to be added soon though!). If you do not enter in a value for any given field, the current time on the MUD server will be used in place of the missing data.

Requested time is June 24, 2017 00:12:00
Requested Game time is 2 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Old Forces 6th, 1502 T.A.

Year Month Day Hour Minute

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