Shattered Kingdoms thrives on conflict and character interaction. We encourage character diversity in terms of behavior, background and motivation. For this reason, characters will, inevitably, find themselves with in-game adversaries and enemies. However, players need to respect that behind every character is another human being. Everyone plays SK to enjoy themselves.

We encourage all players to behave with a spirit of good sportsmanship founded on respect. This means respect for your allies and enemies, the rules, the game staff, and even your own character. It applies both in winning AND losing. Throwing a tantrum after being defeated, for instance, is bad sportsmanship. Conversely, not role playing your death at all is also poor sportsmanship.

The staff do not tolerate poor treatment of other players, including harassment in or out of character, griefing, spamming, and relentless/repeated player killing. We do not wish for one player to drive another off with a lack of sportsman-like behavior. We do encourage victors in in-character conflict to offer a path toward resolution for the losers: The game must be fun for all players, not just those who are “winning.”

We’re all here to have fun!