Welcome to Shattered Kingdoms online help files.
For help on a topic below, simply type help topic.  For those new to
the game (or new to mudding in general), we have a help newbie file to get
you started.
GAME --  information on the game mechanics as well as general information
about the game, as well as the rules
COMMUNICATION --  how to communicate within the game
MOVEMENT --  how to move about in the realms
OBJECTS -- how to acquire, manipulate, and discard objects
GROUPS -- how to form groups and interact within them
TRAINING -- how to gain levels and attributes, and train skills and spells
COMBAT --  how to handle yourself in a fight
MAGIC --  how to master your magic
RELIGION --  the basics of the religious life
LAWS --  the laws, the penalties, and how to report troublemakers
DEATH --  death and how to survive it
ROLEPLAY --  general information about roleplaying
NEWBIE --  general information about the game and how to have fun while
you learn how to play