Religion Help
Shattered Kingdoms contains an active pantheon with a variety of gods.  Each
of the following has its own help file for more information.
ATONE   -- the method by which you may regain the favor of your god
BLEMISH -- the method by which your god's favor is removed
CONDUCT -- how to behave should you be favored with an immortal's presence
GODS    -- the list of immortals
HEALER  -- how to interact with the healing priests in the realms
INVEST  -- how priests may bring a character into a religion
PRAY    -- how to communicate with the immortals
SYMBOL  -- information about the gifts bestowed by the immortals
WIZLIST -- a list of the immortals and how to contact them
TITHE   -- how to donate money to your church
COFFERS -- how to check the balance donated to your church
Please keep in mind that the religions are player-run within the in-character
realms.  If you have concerns that a character's actions aren't in-line with
the values of his/her religion, you should bring the concerns up first with
the high follower in-character, and then out-of-character to the immortal
involved only as necessary.