[Game help] quit save

Syntax: quit

Save saves your character and all associated objects.  All characters are
automatically saved every 15 minutes, and this is the preferred method of
saving.  Typing save will block all other command for about 20 seconds, so
use it sparingly.  (90+ players all typing save every 30 seconds just generated
too much lag.)  Some objects, such as keys and potions, may not be saved, as
well as items from unfinished areas.

Quit leaves the game.  You may quit anywhere, though you may not quit for a
short period of time immediately after combat.  When you re-enter the game, you
will be back in the same room, right where you left off.

Quit automatically saves your character, so you can safely leave the game with
just one command.  Nevertheless, it is a good idea to save before quitting.