[Magic help] release

Syntax: release
Syntax: release 
Syntax: release 
Syntax: release .
Syntax: release all.
Syntax: release all

One attribute of spells is the length of time which they exist. There are
three major categories of spells, instantaneous, sustained, and permanent.
Instantaneous spells require the caster to invoke a short yet powerful burst
of mana which is transferred and applied according to the caster's wishes.

Sustained spells, however, have the advantage of affecting a target over a
stretch of time.  It is relativly easier for a caster to hold a spell in
place than to invoke it.  However, in the attempt to hold (or sustain) the
spell, the caster must continuously transfer her own mana into the spell.
This also requires the caster to put aside a portion of her concentration
for as long as the spell is in effect.  More complex or powerful spells,
of course, require greater amounts of mana to be transferred and greater
mental concentration to sustain the particular spell.

With sustained spells, the caster may also release the spell at any time.
Release will show a list of all sustained spells.  Release  will 
release the spell so numbered on the list, while release all will drop all 
currently sustained spells.

See Also: cast magic concentrate