The rules of Shattered Kingdoms are designed to ensure that the game remains 
a fun, fair, and enjoyable environment for a diverse player base. Shattered
Kingdoms is not a public service of the Internet, and the administrators 
reserve the right to delete characters or ban players to preserve this 
expectation. The rules below operate alongside the Terms of Service,
interpretations documented on the forums, and the judgment of staff members. 
The rules help files were last updated on 2016-9-13.


"Don't be a dick."

Shattered Kingdoms thrives on conflict and character interaction. While 
diversity in character behavior and concepts is encouraged, this rule is 
directed toward the behavior of the players. Players need to respect that 
behind every character is another human being, and that everyone is here to 
enjoy themselves. All players should behave with a spirit of good sports-
manship that is founded on respect - respect for your allies and enemies, 
the rules, the game staff, and even your own character. This applies both 
in winning AND losing. Throwing a tantrum after being defeated is bad


Roleplaying is absolutely mandatory for all actions taken in the in-
character world, not only player killing. See relevant help files (see:
HELP ROLEPLAY, HELP CONDUCT) for further details. Enforceable minimum
expectations when dealing with other players in the game include:

- Roleplay all conflicts. While player killing is legal, it is considered a
violation of Rule 1 to refuse to engage in dialogue with your victims. 
Characters have the right to understand why they were targeted.
- Keep character interactions and motivations IC (in character), and
separate from OOC (out of character) player interactions and motivations.
- Out-of-character communication should be avoided in all situations, but
especially in public conversation. In the rare situation where it is used, 
it should always be prefixed with an ooc: tag.


An extension of Rule 1, sexual harassment is an absolute disregard for 
another Shattered Kingdoms player and will not be tolerated. Harassment can 
occur in or out of character, and either will result in a siteban. While the 
game allows adult content, in-character sexual actions must be engaged with 
the consent of all participants. If you are told that your advances are
unwelcome, you must cease immediately or face a siteban.


While players may have as many characters as they wish, they may operate only 
one character at any given time, and the characters must operate completely
independently of one another.

It is against the rules to transfer equipment, coins or knowledge between 
your own characters. Proxy connections to the MUD allow players to circumvent 
this rule and are thus forbidden.

For further explanation and details on punishment, see: HELP 

There are more rules! See HELP RULES2!