[Death Help] Death

Death is a more painful occurrence on Shattered Kingdoms than on other games. 
You should read the help files recommended below for more details about what 
happens when you die, the ways you can return to life and penalties associated 
with each type of return.  However, in regards to which methods of return are 
considered the most advantageous, they are generally ranked as:

1. Pity of the Gods 
2. Redeem Resurrect
3. Resurrection Spell
4. Tribunal Revival
5. Raise Dead Spell
6. Breath of Life Spell
7. Oracle of the Gods
8. Reincarnation

Pity of the Gods is only available to Amateur and Novice status characters. 
They are automatically brought back to life until reaching Initiate.

See also: dying resurrection raise breath oracle reincarnate status manifest
          poltergeist restoration redeem revival