Welcome to Shattered Kingdoms!
What Every Newbie Needs to Know:
Being a new player (or "newbie") on Shattered Kingdoms can seem a little
overwhelming at first.  While some players may feel completely at ease,
others may have no idea where to start.  This help file is designed to
help new players become accustomed to how things work on SK.
A few important things to remember:
     1. This is a roleplaying MUD. That means that you should act as your
character would, including mannerisms, dress, and general behavior.
     2. Killing other characters, known as PKilling, is allowed on SK.
Use caution when doing this, however, or you may end up with MANY enemies.
     3. Read the MOTD (Message Of The Day) EVERY time you log in.  It
appears automatically at the beginning of each login, but can also be seen
by typing MOTD.
The following help files will be most helpful to someone who is new to
mudding in general, and to Shattered Kingdoms in particular.  To view each
one, simply type HELP .  There is also a wealth of information
at www.shatteredkingdoms.org/play and www.shatteredkingdoms.org/faq
 HELP RULES       - rules that EVERY player must know
 HELP INTERACTION - help on interacting with other players
 HELP LEARNING    - information on learning skills and spells
 HELP FIGHTING    - the best ways to survive combat
 HELP EXTRAS      - hints and tips from Shattered Kingdoms' veterans
 HELP GAME        - various game commands and mechanics
 HELP QUESTS      - information on gaining experience through IC quests
 HELP MENTOR      - using the mentor system to get assistance