[Training help] train
Syntax: train
        train list
        train level
        train stat
        train stat 
Train will list the skills/spells that a trainer is qualified to teach.
You must be in the room with the trainer to use this command.
Train  will enable you to improve your knowledge of a specific
skill or spell from a trainer.  In order to do this, you must find a trainer
who knows the skill or spell you wish to learn (some may be taught only by a
single trainer in the entire realms), and you must have enough experience
points to learn with.  Trainers do often ask for payment as well.
Train level will allow you to advance a level when you are eligible for
advancement.  Gaining a level is not automatic in Shattered Kingdoms. Score
and worth will let you know how much experience you have gained.
Train list will allow you to see all of your skills and spells at their
current level of knowledge.  It can be used anywhere.  Skills will list
all your skills at their currently trained levels, while spells will list
all your spells at their currently trained levels.
Train stat, when done in front of a stat trainer, will list the number of
times you may train any statistic, and will show the stats that you have not
yet reached the maximum racial ability.
Train stat  will increase one of your attributes.  You can increase 
your attributes by using training sessions at a trainer.  It takes one training 
session to improve an attribute by a single point. You may also use trains to
increase your hit points, mana, movement or your technique in magical art.
You receive one session every two levels.
See also: score worth art mentor