[Game help] vt

Syntax: vt
        vt extend
        vt prompt

Vt is used to activate and deactivate the vt100 interface.  If you have
a 100% compatible vt100 terminal, you can use the vt interface to display
valuable character information on screen. VT prompt allows you to toggle
between seeing meters and percentages for health, mana and move info.

Vt extend is used to activate a special extension for the vt interface.
The extension will keep wilderness maps placed in the upper left corner
of the screen, as well as display the characters in the current room and
the formation of your group.  If you have a slow connection, you may not
want to use this command.

Scroll lets you change the number of lines in a page before the screen
pager asks you to 'Hit Return to Continue'.  If you are using the extended
vt interface, you will probably want to reset your scroll to 14 lines.

See also: map wilderness