[Game help] who

Syntax: who
        who [filter arg 1] [filter arg 2] .. [filter arg n]

Who shows the people currently in the game when used without arguments.
Some people may choose to remain unseen and won't appear on the who list
(those gods who are wizi or in editors, for example).

With arguments, who can show whether a player of a specific name or category
is playing.  As explained above, some people may be in the game yet will not
be shown in the lists below because they choose to hide in some way.

Valid filter arguments include:
      - the name or abbreviation of a specific class
      - the name or abbreviation of a specific race
      - the name or abbreviation of a faction
     religion (rel) - lists only members of your religion
     paragon (par) - lists only paragon players
     immortal (imm) - lists only administrators
     name - any other argument will be interpreted as a name

Multiple filter arguments can be used simultaneously.  Order is irrelevant.

For example:
     who elf merc  --  lists any known and visible elven mercenaries*
     who lothoriel --  shows you whether 'Lothoriel' is currently playing
     who hammer    --  lists all fellow members of the Hammer cabal
     who religion  --  lists all members of your religion who are visible
     who immortal  --  lists all visible immortals
     who par sorc  --  lists all paragons who are also a sorcerer*

* - Knowledge of race and class is based on greet or common faction membership.

See also: who2 cabal greet