[Training help] worth

Syntax: worth

Worth tells you approximately how much experience you have gained since
last advancing to a new level and how much gold you have in your inventory.

Worth also tells you how familiar you are with the area in which you are
currently located.  There are four variations that you will encounter:

- You have only recently discovered this area.
  This area is brand new to you.  You receive bonus XP for combat here.
- You have become familiar with this area.
  You have spent some time in this area.  You receive normal XP for combat.
- You know this area like the back of your hand.
  You have spent significant time in this area.  You suffer a minor XP penalty.
- You need to get out and explore new areas.
  You are probably bored with this area.  You suffer a major XP penalty.

Your familiarity level will be reduced if one of your group members has a 
lower familiarity and is within +/-1 status levels.

See also: XP areas