[Alignment help] Alignment

Your character's alignment is the single most important factor in 
developing his or her moral principles and how they interact with 
the world around him or her, which is why it is among the first 
considerations during the character creation process. On SK, your 
character begins as an adult. A character's motivations and morals 
have already been formed and defined by experiences during his or
her childhood. The expectations of the gods and a society that can 
detect your moral standing constantly reinforces your character's 
initial world view. Therefore, alignment is extremely difficult to 
change, while following it helps your character to successfully 
navigate the vast and conflicted world of Pyrathia. A character 
is bound to his or her alignment; it is the very core essence of 
his or her soul, and this must be reflected in the choices made 
throughout a character's life.

Though it is impossible to classify all of the possible, legitimate
personalities in the world into simple categories, there are eight 
basic alignments which define the characters of SK. Select the 
option that most closely reflects to how you wish for your character 
to act, and play accordingly and consistently.

The eight alignments are :
     Principled --  good
     Scrupulous --  good
     Dogmatic -- selfish
     Unprincipled --  selfish
     Anarchist --  selfish
     Aberrant --  evil
     Miscreant --  evil
     Diabolic --  evil

An in-depth description of each alignment is available by reading the
appropriate help file.  Although you will be responsible for acting 
close to the alignment you choose, you do not have to follow the help 
file word for word.  The help file is there to help you, not to tell 
you exactly how to play your character.

See also: aura roleplay aberrant anarchist diabolic miscreant
     principled scrupulous unprincipled dogmatic