[Communication help] action title
Syntax: action 
Action alters your action description, which is what people see when they
look in the room while you are standing.  This will last until you log out.
Keep in mind that if this description is OOC or distasteful, you will be
punished.  For example:
     Ghania types action here, looking at you strangely
     Others would see: Ghania is here, looking at you strangely. when
          they look in the room.
Title will set your title, as seen on the who list, to the desired string.  
Those new to Shattered Kingdoms begin with a title of "New to Pyrathia".
Beware, though, of choosing too boastful of a title if your resources do not 
allow you to back it up.  Please refrain from using the $B blinking code in
your title.
See also: adjective description name faq