This is the tribe that is the most distinguishable from other centaurs by
appearance alone--Desapva have dark brown skin and jet black hair, pelt, and
tail.  However, a high rate of albinism in this tribe results in fully one
third of all Desapva children being born with snow white skin, pelt, hair,
and tail, and pink or red colored eyes.  Many Desapva possess outrageously
sharp intellects.  To make matters still more complicated, Tribe Desapva has
the misfortune of having its members be more prone to insanity than those of
the other tribes.  While there are many examples of loving, law-abiding, and
sane Desapva centaurs, other centaurs are wary when making initial contact
with another member of this tribe.  Together with the Yazze, the Desapva
have the largest proportional number of magic users and healers in their