Idatsa-teh centaurs are identifiable by their "paint" or spotted pelts and
their blue, grey, green, or violet eyes.  Tribe Idatsa-teh is classified as
the ruling tribe of the Centaur Federation, though in centaur civilization's
loose hierarchy, leadership holds less prestige and responsibility than it
does in other cultures.  Famed for their diplomatic and mediation skills,
Idatsa-teh are often invited to settle disputes not only between other tribes
but between other races.  They are the most frequently involved in the
affairs of the non-centaur world, and therefore serve as conduits for
information.  Everyone, except perhaps some Hostia, maintain contact, if not
blood relations, with members of Tribe Idatsa-teh in order to keep abreast
of important events.  Centaurs of this noble tribe do not have any prescribed
profession.  Instead, Idatsa-teh is a "Jack of all trades" tribe, its
members divided equally between the professions accepted by centaur society.