The Hellion's Code of Knighthood

Above all else the Hellion respects STRENGTH.  Only power commands respect.
Anyone who can be defeated is worthy of contempt and exploitation.  Anyone
who can not is worthy of respect and obedience until he can be defeated.
Strength can be found in many places: wealth, politics, allies, the sword,
and the spell.  Thus shall the Hellion seek superiority in all, and by
strength, command respect.

The Hellion shall value honor second only to strength.  Lies and theft are
for those too weak to take what they want or to force their opponent to
submit.  For this reason, the word of a Hellion is sacred.  To break your
word shows weakness.  To attack without issuing a challenge shows weakness,
in that the target must be overcome unawares (like a thief or assassin) and
could not be beaten fairly.  The Hellion challenges the opponent so that
the opponent will cede victory due to the Hellion's reputation alone,
compelling obedience.  A Hellion should prefer death to dishonor.

In respecting only strength the Hellion shall aspire to be the strongest of
all mortals.  The Hellion shall seek perfection in physical strength,
skills of combat, and mastery of spells.  The Hellion shall court the
strong to alliance, and force the weak into submission.

A Hellion who finds his honor blemished must immediately confess to an evil
priest and seek to atone for the weakness by service in battle or dark
sacrifice.  No Hellion displaying weakness in any part of the code shall
command the respect and obedience of fellow hellions, nor meet in council
with them, and may be hunted and punished by stronger Hellions until full
atonement is made.  The most extreme displays of weakness may be punished
by expulsion from the order, death, and the wrath of the dark gods.