[Game help] score attributes affects report
Syntax: score
Score will show detailed information about your character.  This includes
basic facts such as status, race, class, money, load carried, current
health, and experience.  This command also shows whether you have any attribute
points available to use with the train stat command.
Attributes also displays detailed information about your character.  This
includes even more basic facts as well as your stats (strength, intelligence,
wisdom, dexterity, constitution and charisma).
Affects will list the current spells and skills which are affecting your
character - including any detrimental affects.  This command can sometimes
explain that your character cannot speak properly, cannot move or is otherwise
impaired because of one or more negative affects.
Report shows your current statistics to you and also announces them to
other players in the room.  This command also works as the outlaw command
when in front of a magistrate.  
See also: outlaw stats sizes