[Game help] age
Aging is a part of life on Shattered Kingdoms.  As time passes, your
character will age.  Each race has its own natural lifespan, each one
a different length.  Griffons are considered young at age 3, while
deep-elf are still young at 101.  Venerable centaurs will be nearing 80,
but elves are not considered aged until 275.
At various times in your character's life, his statistics will change.
Older characters will become weaker, but will also become wiser and
more intelligent as they learn from their life experiences.  These
changes occur at 1/2, 3/4, and 9/10 of the way from birth to venerable.
The chart below lists the age ranges for each of the races.
Race          Young          Venerable
 Centaur         9             80
 Deep-Elf      101            275
 Dwarf          41            200
 Elf           101            275
 Giant          15             85
 Gnome          62            200
 Griffon         3             65
 Half-Elf       17            150
 Halfling       26            110
 Human          16             90
 Sprite         33            180
 Minotaur       12             85