Shattered Kingdoms has the following professions for player characters:
     Mercenary --  the basic warrior profession  
     Swashbuckler --  skilled in swift multi-handed strikes  
     Barbarian --  uncivilized warrior of brute force  

     Priest --  the basic clerical vocation  
     Paladin --  knight blessed by the gods of light  
     Hellion --  knight blessed by the gods of darkness  
     Shaman --  uncivilized cleric with spiritual powers  

     Rogue --  the basic adventuring profession  
     Scout --  skilled in woodlore and bush-fighting  
     Bard --  performer and minor magician

     Sorcerer --  the basic wizard profession  
     Warlock --  worships and uses the elemental powers  
     Necromancer --  diabolical master of the undead  

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