[Class help] Hellion

Hellions are the unholy knights of the gods of evil who follow their own code
of twisted chivalry. Hellions are magnificent warriors and have learned many 
useful combat techniques.  The true strength of the hellions lie in the spells 
they receive from their gods.  Hellions can call down sickness and disease 
upon the people, and their guile allows them to subvert innocent creatures.  
Furthermore, no one can escape to fight another day as well as a hellion.  
Hellions and paladins are mortal enemies, yet they do respect each other's 
abilities, for they are two sides of the same coin.

It is not enough for a hellion to only be evil.  They must also respect their
code and their word of honor.  Hellions may only hold the aberrant alignment.

See also: code aberrant