[Game help] alias

Syntax: alias

An alias is a single-word command used to represent one or more other
commands.  Shattered Kingdoms allows each character to have a short list
of such commands.

Alias will show a list of your current aliases.

Alias   is used to create a new alias.  The alias
name must be a single word.  The command itself can be any variety of
commands, even several commands separated simply by a semicolon (";").
Aliases may not be nested, nor recursive.

Alias  will delete the named alias.

Within an alias the variables &1, &2...&9 may be used to represent
arguments given with an alias.  For example:

> alias killer cast fireball &1; cast harm &2
> killer ghoul ghost

would cast fireball on the ghoul, followed by harm on the ghost.

The special variable &* represents the entire input line after an

> alias tr tell rasmussen &*
> tr Hi there.  How are you today?
You tell Rasmussen, 'Hi there.  How are you today?'