Shattered Kingdoms has the following races for player characters:
     Human --  the dominant race of the world  
     Half-Elf --  halfbreeds with qualities of both species  
     Halfling --  sneaky and generally selfish humanoids  
     Gnome --  extremely wise and talented underground  
     Elf --  inherently good forest dwellers  
     Deep-Elf --  inherently evil cave dwellers  
     Dwarf --  strong and hearty race of miners  
     Centaur --  multitalented human/horse combination  
     Sprite --  agile winged faerie creatures  
     Griffon --  good and intelligent flying eagle/lion  
     Giant -- huge but dim-witted humanoids  
     Minotaur -- savage and thick-skulled bull-men 
Different races have a variety of starting statistics, stat maximums, skills,
spells, and other special abilities.
See also:  enmity enmity2 enmity3
Please note:  All elven characters (both light and deep) are required to RP
by the guidelines set out in the enmity help files.