"Centaurs. Freaks they is. They claim to be the Mother's chosen. Chosen as
what? An example of what happens when you anger the Gods? At least a satyr or
minotaur can fit a pair of pants over his hairy legs. It's improper, I tells
ye, improper. Not having any pants at all. Tsk." -- Midwife Godfrey, Seawatch


Centaurs are a crossbreed of humans and horses, with the upper body of a
human attached to the lower body of a horse.  Centaurs are both strong and
wise as well as somewhat charismatic, but can be a bit clumsy.  Centaurs
pack a powerful kick and their fur hide makes them resistant to minor wounds,
especially those from blunt weapons.  They shake off the cold with ease and
even shrug off the effects of acid, but are in turn more vulnerable to fire.
Centaurs can run for days at a time and if you can befriend one, they are 
the finest land-based steed that exist.

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