"In my travels, I had the misfortune once to spend a fortnight in Ch'zzrym.
Lit only by the eldrich glow of the lichens that grow in such caves, it
reminded me of a den of vipers.  The whole lot of them vie for power among
themselves, twice as vicious towards their own kin as they are to outsiders.
At least, as an outsider, you might prove useful to them.  Alliances for the
deep-elves is naught but a dalliance, almost nearly as wholesome as an out
right lie.  Their words are like medicinal draught: repugnant, even though
coated in honey." -- Dafid Noribein, Taslamaran Envoy


Deep-elves are slightly shorter than humans and have a much lighter build.
They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are more agile
and intelligent.  They are inherently evil both from their racial heritage
and their upbringing.  Their fey blood provides them with many special
abilities including the ability to detect magic, use faerie fire, see in
the dark and move silently, as well as a strong resistance to magic and
charm effects.  However, deep-elves also have many weaknesses including
vulnerabilities to poison, disease, light and the touch of common iron.

Deep-elves are innately evil and only can hold the aberrant, miscreant and
diabolic alignments.

See also: enmity* enmity2* enmity3*
*Denotes help files with required roleplaying behavior for all elves.