"Dwarves are a race of short and stocky folk, standing a full head or two
shorter than the average human though just as broad or broader, who are
known for their excellent stone and metalwork.  They are a long-lived race,
often surviving well into their second century.  Dwarven men are known for
being proud of their beards, and one of the best ways to insult a dwarf is
to suggest his beard is unattractive.

With only merchants and diplomats leaving to trade and communicate with
others, dwarves generally spend their lives around or in their homelands,
mining metals and precious minerals and tending natural resources near the
areas they favor for their cities.  They then turn those metals, stones,
and jewels into weapons and armor of legendary beauty and strength."
-- Excerpt from Encyclopedia Pyrathia, Volume 2


Dwarves make excellent fighters and dwarven bands of mercenaries are not
uncommon on the surface world.  Although dwarves do have spell casters among
them, they don't have a natural bent toward any magic.  Despite their short
stature, they are very strong and their endurance, toughness, and general
health are unsurpassed.  They are resistant to poison and disease but find
it quite difficult to swim.  Dwarves can also sense disturbances in the
earth and can see in the dark using infravision.  Dwarves also train with
axes from a young age which makes them superior axe wielders.