"When most folk think of elves, they think of benevolent, long-headed folk,
slipping over the forest floor like a sighing breeze through the trees over
head.  Some may be.  Walking among them, however, shows you their haughty
side, cultivated and amplified throughout their long lives.  Sure, everyone
hears the stories of elves helping wayward travellers through their woods.
But none hear the stories of those who never return.  The trees feed on the
arrow-filled corpses of such unfortunates." -- Boris Widders, Uxmaln guide


Elves are slightly shorter than humans and have a much lighter build.  They
lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are far more agile and
charismatic.  Elves are inherently good, both from their racial heritage and
their upbringing.  Their fey blood provides them with many special abilities
including the ability to detect magic, see in the dark and move silently, as
well as a strong resistance to magic and charm effects.  However, elves also
have many weaknesses including vulnerabilities to poison, disease, negative
energies and even the touch of common iron.

Elves are innately good and only hold principled or scrupulous alignments.

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*Denotes help files with required roleplaying behavior for all elves.