"I am a giant of the Foxrow clan.  I like to fight. I fight all the time.
Giants like me like food.  And drink.  We fight the ones who want to fight
us.  When it is cold, I gather with my brothers.  We sleep close at night.
When it is hot, we fight!  We fight to fight better.  My brothers protect
me!  My mother is gone.  My mother was a great warrior!  She defeated my
father. Her smile was large and her eyes were warm and dark like coals.
All giants are brothers.  Giant brothers fight though.  In my heart I know
I am Foxrow.  Foxrow carves me like water in a canyon.

Sometimes I am in the mountains. I look over trees and see blue sky and
brown mountains with white caps.  I see green leaves like waves and orange
sun burning in the ocean.  The sight makes me smile.  Sometimes it makes me
cry.  But if I were small I would only see trees. That is why giants are
better than not-giants."  --Zhorzahk Foxrow, Barbarian of the Wastelands


Giants are the largest race, ranging from nine to twelve feet in height.
They are stronger than any other race and almost as durable as the dwarves.
However, giants aren't very bright and their huge size makes them relatively
clumsy.  Giants resist poison and disease easily and their leathery hide can
protect them from minor cuts and bruises.  Giants make irresistable fighters
regardless of profession, with their innate ability to bash their opponents 
and just plain dish out damage.  Their skill at throwing boulders also makes
them awe-inspiring ranged fighters.  However, their slow minds make them
extremely vulnerable to mental attacks and there are few things that a giant
fears more than a lightning storm.