[Game help] ANSI color
Syntax: color  will toggle ANSI color mode on and off
        $x     where x is any of the below will set that option
Foreground Color Codes        Background Color Codes
$0  Black                     $F Red       
$1  Blue                      $f Green     
$2  Green                     $G Brown     
$3  Cyan                      $g Blue      
$4  Red                       $H Magenta   
$5  Magenta                   $h Cyan      
$6  Brown                     $i Light gray
$7  Light gray
$0$I  Dark gray               Special Codes
$1$I  Bright blue             $I Intense
$2$I  Bright green            $R Reverse
$3$I  Bright cyan             $A Normal
$4$I  Bright red              $B Blink
$5$I  Bright magenta          $* Inserts a new line
$6$I  Yellow                     when formatting (dot-f)
$7$I  White                   $$ Dollar sign ($)