"Griffons are a noble race whose roots are deeply imbedded in the arcane.
The first griffons are thought to be the mistaken product of a powerful
wizard's magic.  As one might describe a centaur as having a man-like head and
torso on horse's legs, so griffons resemble eagles in the front-quarters, with
leonine bodies behind - though the average griffon is easily larger than any
lion, and a typical horse stands only as tall as a griffon's shoulders.
Despite their fierce appearance, griffons are intelligent and good at heart.

Their feline traits include a thick pelt - most commonly sandy brown, though
many variations in color do exist.  Generally this coat extends from the hind-
quarters to just past the shoulderblades, where the griffon's wings protrude.
The wings themselves are a majestic sight, with a span easily greater than the
griffon's body length.  The head is rather like an eagle's, save for the horse-
like ears that stand on many griffons' heads in place of ear-tufts.  Some
griffons' facial features even vary enough to suggest those of other birds of
prey, though this seems quite uncommon.

The fact that these creatures possess beaks and no lips makes it rather
difficult to read their odd expressions.  Obviously their unique build makes it
impossible to wear most armors, and their talons make armed combat quite
awkward, lest it be with a weapon specifically designed for griffon use."

--Excerpt from Encyclopedia Pyrathia, Vol. 4


Griffons have almost no weaknesses, as they possess great strength, a
sturdy build, and a keen mind.  They learn to fight with their powerful claws
from birth, and infravision allows them to spot prey even at night.  Their fur
hide makes them resistant to minor wounds, and they shake off both cold and
acid with ease.  The nature of their creation provides them with almost innate
immunity to poison and disease, strong resistance to charm effects, and an
unflagging endurance which they can use to carry a rider while in flight.

Due to unknown factors originating from their creation, griffons are innately
good and can only hold the principled or scrupulous alignments.

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