"Tis a wonder to me that any elf could see it fitting to love human...and
even more a wonder that anyone aside from the mongrel's mother could
possibly ever love it."  -- Andret Qu'thron, guardsman of Sith'a'niel

"Nah, they ain't half-bad, one o' them saved my life a few years back from
a bandit..never did catch her name."  -- Rangret Tulrav, Taslamaran farmer


Half-Elves are the offspring of a human and an elf or a deep-elf.  Because 
of their mixed heritage, half-elves can meld well into either culture,
though humans are generally more accepting of them than the elves.  This 
tolerance varies by culture and there are many who see them as mongrels, 
little different from any other perversion of nature.  

Half-elves tend to resemble their human parents in most ways, having a
sturdier build than most elves, though still lighter and more agile than
most humans.  Like humans, half-elves can take up any profession and they
inherit a lesser version of the human attribute bonus.  From their elven
side, they inherit infravision and a resistance to charm effects, however
they also inherit the elven vulnerability to iron weapons.