Many people who have met this strange little people almost always leave
with the impression that they are extremely self-centered, often incapable
of self-sacrifice.  Those who truly come to know most halflings, however,
soon realize that they are simply extremely zealous individuals, bordering
on the line of obsessive.  Halfling priests tend to be fanatical, their
piety rivalling that of most of the holy knights I have met.  Likewise,
their warriors yearn for battle, their huntsmen and trappers thirst for the
thrill of the hunt, and those less savory who practice the black arts are
perhaps the most morbid individuals living.  It just happens that many aim
this...devotion...at themselves."  -- Granthor Islinwon, travelling
entertainer and magician


Halflings are an oddity, and not well understood, I'm afraid.  They are
very short, striking in their resemblence to miniature humans.  This small 
stature makes them relatively weak in body, however their size also gives 
them a bit of fleetness.  A halfling finds both hiding and sneaking to be
second nature and some quirk of their constitution makes them resistant
to magic, but their small bodies are vulnerable to blunt weapons.