"Pests. Don't stay still long enough to squish." -- Brogmar, Icewall Giant.

"The essense of a sprite hovers somewhere in between an incorrigable lust for
life and the intrigue of a child discovering the world.  This leaves the race
with a profound potential for both acts of greatness and acts of extreme
misfortune.  Many are the sprites that turn to the worship of the Dark Lords,
but thankfully, most pursue more wholesome, albeit aggravating, paths.  It can
try one's patience to deal with a sprite, but most will hold 'big person' dear
in their hearts for many a year." -- Shannyd Faollin, elven priestess.


Sprites are tiny elf-like creatures with small, semi-transparent wings.  They
are intelligent creatures, but very weak physically.  A sprite is naturally
the quickest and most agile race, and their fey heritage gifts the ability to
detect magic as well as utilizing faerie fire and fog.  Sprites can use their
wings to fly.  They are resistant to charm, magic and mental attacks but are
vulnerable to disease, blunt weapons and even the touch of common iron.

Sprites resist regimentation and therefore cannot hold the alignments of 
principled, dogmatic or aberrant.

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