Game Help
Many commands exist to help you find out more about game mechanics, as well as
general information within the game itself.  These seem to divide themselves
into three major groupings: IC info, OOC info, and game mechanics.  Each of
the following has its own help file for more information.

IC Information
affects attributes report score --  information about your character
age --  how your character changes as time goes on
areas --  where in the game your character may feel comfortable roaming
'armor penalty' armor2 --  the price paid for wearing various sorts of armor
auto --  automatic toggles for in-character actions
bank balance deposit withdraw --  how the banks work
enmity enmity2 enmity3 --  how elves and deep elves feel about each other
heroes --  the previous best in each class in Shattered Kingdoms
money --  the money system of Shattered Kingdoms
paragon --  the best roleplayers of Shattered Kingdoms
time --  time within the game, as well as real time
weather -- weather within the game
who --  a list of those characters in the game visible to you

OOC Information
alias --  shortcut commands which you may set up
ANSI color --  the colors available on Shattered Kingdoms
bug idea typo --  methods of communication with the immortals
command --  a list of the available commands
count --  the number of characters in the game visible to you
delete --  how to get rid of your character, should you wish to
help --  information about accessing help files
password --  how to change your password
prompt --  how to change your prompt
quit save --  how to leave the game
scroll --  how to set your computer to receive input from the mud
syntax -- syntax on multiple items or characters in your room
tick --  how time passes in Shattered Kingdoms
vt100 vt 'vt extend' --  methods of receiving input from the mud

Game Mechanics
credits --  a list of the people we'd like to thank
wizlist --  a list of the immortals and how to contact them
DIKU --  a list of the originators of DIKU
MERC --  a list of the originators of MERC
multiplaying --  an explanation of what it is  (Multiplaying is
     forbidden on Shattered Kingdoms)
names --  our names policy
rules --  the rules of Shattered Kingdoms
'Shattered Kingdoms' --  a small welcome to the game