[Game help] areas

Syntax: areas all 
        areas [discovered|familiar|seasoned] 

The Areas command displays a list of areas in Shattered Kingdoms which
you will likely be able to visit and enjoy in relative comfort.  This is not
a guarantee of safety, as the unwary traveller may be caught by surprise at
any time.  There are a number of options to this command.

Areas are sorted by upper level limit, then lower level limit and finally by
kingdom.  If you are unsure which area to visit next, pick the one closest
to the top of the list that is nearest to you.  Once you have visited an area
for the first time, the list will also display it's sextant coordinates.

By entering the name of one of the 6 kingdoms, you may display a list of
only the areas that are located within that kingdom.  Valid kingdom names are:
Ayamao, Empire, Wastes, Taslamar, Uxmal, Zhenshi, Deep, Ch'zzrym and Outer.

You may also enter a keyword describing how familiar you are with an area.
- Discovered will display areas you have found but are otherwise new.
- Familiar displays areas where you have earned some measurable experience.
- Seasoned displays areas that you know quite well.
These categories equate to the information displayed by the worth command.

In addition, area names are also colored coded by your familiarity. By default,
areas shown are within your own status range.  However, you may optionally 
add a status title to the end of the command to show that range instead. 

See also: sextant status ayamao empire wastes taslamar uxmal zhenshi