The Dusk Dancer Bloodline
The Dusk Dancer bloodline is not a true bloodline, but it may become one
in time.  It is composed of sprites from all other bloodlines who have
chosen, due to curiosity, to adapt to and become more involved in
civilization and the societies of "big creatures."  A Dusk Dancer sprite,
when asked about his or her bloodline will usually give an answer such as,
"I am a Dusk Dancer of the ."  Dusk Dancers have the
advantage of being more in touch with the rest of the world, therefore
having far more access to new and exciting things.  Dusk Dancers are not
looked down upon, though sprite families are often sad to see one of their
own fly off to live in a city.  Instead, they are welcomed back whenever
they return with friendly cries of, "What did you bring us?  What did you
see?  Were there shiny things?  Tasty things?  Tell us!!"