The Green Sands Bloodline
Green Sands people are desert sprites, hiding out in hollowed-out cacti
near oases.  While during the summer months they are almost completely
isolated from the rest of sprite society (no other sprite in his or her
right mind would bother to endure the heat out in the desert), the cold
desert winters chase the Green Sands sprites to warmer areas, bringing them
into contact with people of other bloodlines.  During this period of contact
every year, the Green Sands re-establish themselves as the best pranksters
of all sprites.  It's a wonder that most "big people" haven't figured out
why their seat cushions somehow get filled with cactus quills during the
winter.  Sprites with a lot of Green Sands blood have varying shades of
grass-green skin and wings, and, strangely, purple or lavender hair.  Their
bodies are generally long-limbed and willowy.