The Paladin's Vows of Knighthood:
The mercenary fights for love of gold, while the Paladin fights for love of
his god.  Therefore the Paladin shall give to the church or the needy all excess
wealth in gold and material goods, holding back only what is required for
upkeep (maintenance of equipment, paying for training, and buying food and
provisions).  No less than one tenth shall go directly to a priest of the
faith for the upkeep of the priesthood and the ministry, if such a priest is
available.  If not, the Paladin may sacrifice such wealth to his god upon an
The Paladin shall serve his god with the whole heart and soul; neither the
love of man nor woman shall intervene.  Therefore the Paladin shall abstain
from any behavior of a sexual nature with anyone at all, to keep the mind
clear and the body pure, in worship to his god.
The Paladin shall maintain honor above all as the ultimate sacrifice to his
god. A Paladin shall not lie, cheat, steal, seek to deceive, or flee from the
face of evil.  Above all else a Paladin must maintain his honor spotless
before his god and fellow mortals alike.  A Paladin should view death as
preferable to dishonor.  A challenge must be issued to opponents to ensure
the fight is fair, and the matter can not be resolved by peaceful means.
A Paladin's spotless honor is their supreme sacrifice to their god.
The Paladin shall obey the lawful orders of those in command.  Paladins must
obey the commands of Paladins in higher standing in their order, priests of
the same faith, or any priest of a good god, provided the priest is in good
standing with the gods of good, and is approved by a council of Paladins as
being worthy.
The Paladin shall serve with all his heart, mind, and soul.  He shall serve
his god, his fellow Paladins, and the innocent.  A Paladin must protect the
weak, aid the oppressed, free the enslaved, and fight evil.
A Paladin who finds his honor tarnished must immediately confess to a priest
and seek to atone for the evil by restitution, service, and sacrifice.  No
Paladin found wanting in any of these vows shall command others on the field
of battle, nor sit in council with others until the Paladin has repented of
the unknightly deeds and atoned for them.  Failure to do so can result in
expulsion from the ranks of knighthood and punishment before his god.