[Kingdom help] Zhenshi

The Dominion of Zhenshi is huge, spanning the mountainous regions in
southern Pyrathia as well as the deserts along the southern coast.  The
natural wealth that Zhenshi enjoyed through its lush farmland and bountiful
forests were wiped out by Zhang the Usurper, whose tyrannical rule raped the
land, helping to bring about the Zhang Desert.  The one good thing Zhang did
before his destruction was to discover superior metal wealth through his
slave labor camps.  Historically, Zhenshi tends to isolate itself from the
rest of the realm, but events continue to bring the people out of their
seclusion.  Most of the human and elven population left Zhenshi during the
Usurper's Rule, leaving a land populated by the other races.  Currently, the
Imperial line has been destroyed and the government of Zhenshi has become a
Theocracy by means of a council of priests who rule the Dominion.  Nerina,
one of the main cities, is an excellent home for those who wish to follow a
good or balanced path, though it is more difficult for those with evil in
their hearts.

Recently, there has been a movement to name a new Empress, but only as a
title.  The government basically remains a theocracy. 

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