[Spells help] animate dead

Syntax: cast 'animate dead'  [type]

Animate dead allows a necromancer to turn the corpse of a player or NPC
into one of the walking dead.  The strength and specific type of undead
created depends upon the power of the necromancer and the skill of the dead
person whose corpse is to be used.  A necromancer may animate many undead at
one time, but eventually their energy will run out and they will return to
the earth.  Animated dead are especially vulnerable to having their magic
dispelled.  This is NOT a resurrection spell!

Five types of undead can be created based on the power of the corpse:
 skeleton - unnaturally quick and also has a chilling touch
   zombie - able to take more punishment than any other undead type
    ghoul - these undead bring down their prey with poisonous bites
    wight - a bane to populated areas their bite curses victims
   wraith - flying swiftly across the sky with a paralyzing touch
Because of the link between a necromancer and his animated dead, he will
receive a small portion of the experience awarded from their attacks.
Skilled necromancers who animate corpses that would normally become a
zombie or higher can instead choose any of the more common undead types.
This is an advantage because each type has its own unique abilities.