Game help auto

Syntax: auto  --  shows this list with the current settings

    auto room       --  show long room description
    auto people     --  show all people in the room
    auto object     --  show all objects in the room
    auto prompt     --  show personal command prompt
    auto compact    --  compact listings
    auto combine    --  combine like items
    auto reminder   --  show race and adjective
    auto greet      --  greet back when greeted
    auto assist     --  help others in a group when in need
    auto exit       --  have look list visible room exits
    auto gold       --  get all gold from kills
    auto loot       --  get all items from kills
    auto junk       --  clean up corpses after kills
    auto split      --  split any gold found with the group
    auto anonymous  --  protects your class identity
    auto follow     --  keeps you from being followed
    auto noyell     --  prevents yelling for help when being pkilled
    auto surrender  --  automatically surrender to authorities
    auto fire       --  continue to fire while target in range
    auto newbie     --  protects newbies from accidental death
    auto summon     --  attempt to resist summons

When in a group, it is considered polite to toggle on auto assist, auto
gold, auto loot, and auto split.