[Spells help] Detection Spells

Syntax: cast 'detect buried'
Syntax: cast 'detect hidden'
Syntax: cast 'detect invis'
Syntax: cast 'detect magic'
Syntax: cast 'detect magic' 
Syntax: cast 'detect poison' 

All of these spells and prayers are unable to be targeted on any person other 
than the caster. In order to get a good picture of your surroundings, one or 
more of these spells may be cast in tandem.

Detect buried allows the caster to detect objects buried in the ground.
Objects can be buried by players or may even start that way in an area, so
you never know when you may find this spell useful. (note: detect
buried is also an innate skill for several races, which does not require

Detect hidden enables the caster to detect hidden creatures, doors, and
objects; however those that are invisible or camouflaged will continue to 
elude him.

Detect invis enables the caster to detect invisible objects, mobiles,
and players. This spell does not display things that may be camouflaged
or hidden.

Detect magic enables the caster to detect magical objects. Both innate 
magics and those added via consecration and enchantment are shown to
casters holding this spell. Note that it will not reveal which magical 
properties an item is endowed with. An alternative use of detect magic
is to cast it in one of the ten directions. This will allow the caster
to detect in advance the presence of dead-magic zones in that direction.

Detect poison is somewhat misnamed in that it can detect both poison in
food or drink as well as the presence of the plague in fountains. 

For information on Detect aura, please see 'Detect Aura.'

See also: enchant consecrate camouflage invis hide poison plague 
               'cure poison' 'cure disease'