[Spells help] Magic Removal Spells

Syntax: cast 'dispel magic' (room dispel)
        cast 'dispel magic' 
        cast 'cancellation' 
        cast 'remove compulsion' 

These spells all remove magic effects from the target, however the goal
of each spell is quite different.

Dispel magic is an offensive spell, and as such, the victim receives a
saving throw to avoid it.  If the dispel is successful, each beneficial spell
effect has a chance of being destroyed.  Harmful spells are untouched by
dispel.  You may also attempt to dispel spells that are affecting the area
around you such as gates, rifts, or other affects in a given room.  To do
this you must cast the spell without specifying a target.

Cancellation has the ability to only remove harmful spell effects but it 
has less effect on some spells than others.  This is not an attack spell and
will only cancel harmful effects.  While cancellation is good against many
common maledictions such as feeblemind, sleep, slow and weaken, it is not a
cure all.  It has trouble removing compulsions that control the mind.

Remove compulsion is similar to cancellation in that it is not an attack 
spell but it specializes in removing the compulsion effects that are hard
to eliminate with cancellation.  Examples of compulsions include charm person,
domination, confusion, chaos, control undead and interdiction.

Dispels may also be useful when fighting against animated or conjured
creatures.  Some spells cannot be dispelled such as poison or plague, which 
have dedicated curing spells, or magma spray which is non-magical once cast.