[Spells help] Enchant Spells

Syntax: cast 'enchant weapon'  [acc | spd]
        cast 'enchant armor'  [ap | mr]
        cast 'enchant item'  [dex | int | cha]
        cast 'enchant item'  [ref | will]
        cast 'enchant item'  [mana | move]

The enchant series of spells is a method for arcane casters to endow a
weapon, piece of armor or other worn item with magic that boosts the wearer.
Specifically, the types of items that can be endowed by each spell are:

- weapon: weapons and ranged weapons (but not ammunition)
- armor: armor and shields
- item: treasure, containers, lights, tools, pens, books

The caster chooses during casting what type of endowment is desired for the
selected wearable object.  Armor, weapons and items are each capable of being
enchanted with only certain types of endowments as noted in the syntax above.

Note that some endowments are unique to the enchant spells, while other
endowments are only available via priestly consecrate magic.

A break down of the endowment types is as follows:
- accuracy: improves chance to hit, parry, disarm and penetrate armor
- armor protection: improves armor's capacity to absorb physical damage
- magic resistance: improves cumulative MR field
- mana: improves the magical capacity of the wearer
- move: improves the physical endurance of the wearer
- saves: improves reflex or willpower saves
- speed: improves chance for increased attacks per round
- stats: improves dexterity, intelligence, or charisma

An item can be enchanted with the same type of endowment multiple times or
it can be enchanted with multiple types of endowments.  When deciding which
approach to take, complex magical laws for stacking must be considered.

If an item is enchanted too much, there is a risk that it will leech all
enhancement bonuses, leaving the original innate endowments or even explode.
Training in art can reduce the chance of these occurrences.

See also: consecrate identify dex int cha saves MR stacking art