[Spells help] final strike

Syntax: cast 'final strike'

Final strike is nearly legendary for both its sheer, awe-inspiring power
and for the few who know its secrets but still live.  A final strike is the
very last and most desperate defense for a sorceror who knows that she is
sure to be defeated by her enemies.  By casting the spell, a sorceror draws
all of her magical and physical life force together and then exploding it
outward from her body.  The resulting shockwave of energy totally
annhiliates everything in the immediate area, including statues, objects
and people.  Few spells have any defensive affect against a final strike.

It is the ultimate spell but it has an equally ultimate drawback.  After
casting the caster may no longer be raised or resurrected, although he is
allowed to reincarnate.  Even after reincarnating, he will find he can no
longer remember the words for final strike.  Both of these conditions can
only be cured through a godly resurrection.  The caster must be the one to 
contact a god and secure their intervention. In order to be resurrected, the 
final strike must have been an act of self-sacrifice revolving around well 
roleplayed conflict and 24 hours must pass since the time of death.
Addendum: There is NO guarantee that you will ever be resurrected by a 
god after casting final strike.  You should be casting the spell with the
expectation that it truly will be the FINAL act of your character.  To
have any chance of receiving a resurrection, you must be able to submit
a log showing the circumstances surrounding the casting of the spell.