[Spells help] fly

Syntax: fly
Syntax: cast 'fly' 

The natural gift of flight is granted to many races in the realms, including
griffons and sprites.  Natural flight has several benefits including a reduced 
cost of movement and the ability to easily cross mountains and water.  

High altitude rooms can only be accessed through flight, although if lose flight
while in one of these locations, you will be killed and your belongings lost.

You cannot be tripped while flying.  The speed command can be used to fly 
faster or slower. You must land before you rest or sleep.

The fly spell gives flight to whomever it is cast upon, but this spell is
not as beneficial as natural flight.  Magical flight is a bit clumsy, which 
results in penalties to combat accuracy, ability to dodge and casting time.

See also: griffons sprites trip speed land dodge cast