[Spells help] 'giant strength' weaken

Syntax: cast 'giant strength' 
Syntax: cast weaken 

Giant strength increases the target's strength, often by a significant
amount.  This can come in handy when there are heavy things to be carried,
or in combat where a stronger stroke may do more damage.  The boost can raise 
the target's strength above the normal racial maximum.  When the spell ends 
the ally will be fatigued for double the original spell's duration.

Weaken decreases the victim's strength by significant amount, often causing
him to drop things, even in the middle of combat.  This is a hostile casting
and will provoke an attack.  Weaken can also be cast upon a weapon and will
cause the next victim hit with that weapon to be weakened.

Giant strength and Weaken are counterspells of each other.

See also: counterspell fatigue