[Communication help] board note
Shattered Kingdoms uses the bulletin board system for in-character, realm-
wide communication.  Notes are written on paper and then posted onto one of
the bulletin boards around the realms.  Each kingdom has its own bulletin
boards, so you may have to travel to find out all of the news.
For reading notes left by others...
Syntax: note list --  show all notes
        note read --  to read the next unread note
        note read  --  to read a particular note
        note remove  -- only for notes which you wrote or which
          were addressed to you
For writing new notes...
Syntax: note to  --  sets the 'To:' line for a new note
          (may be a specific name, 'immortal', or 'all')
        note subject   --  sets the subject for a new note
        note post --  posts a new note (MUST be done, or the note will
          not be put onto the board)
        write  --  puts you into the note editor (once you exit
          the editor, you cannot go back to edit that note)
            .h --  editor help file
            .c --  to clear the editor buffer
            .s --  to show the note from within the editor
See also: news