[Spells help] haste slow

Syntax: cast 'haste' 
Syntax: cast 'slow' 

Haste increases the target's coordination and weapon speed for a time. The
boost is capable of raising the target's dexterity above the normal racial
maximum.  Benefits of weapon speed include increased chances to get extra
attacks and MAY increase the maximum number of attacks by one.  For allies 
that do not normally get more than one attack per round, wielding a fast 
weapon is the only way to ensure an extra attack.  

Haste causes HP, ME and PE to regenerate more slowly. When haste ends the 
ally will be fatigued for double the original spell's duration.

Slow reduces the victim's coordination and weapon speed for a time.  This
spell cannot reduce the number of attacks per round below one.  Slow will 
also reduce the victim's movement speed, making it take between two and 
three times longer to move from place to place.  

Haste and slow are counterspells of each other.

See also: counterspell fatigue